There are many wonderful things about winter – slow cooked stews, hearty soups, cosy nights at home, crisp clear skies for stargazing, and warm, colourful fashion. From jumpers and coats to hats and boots, winter fashion created with layers, the best of which being a scarf.

Scarves are some of the most fun, versatile items in a wardrobe. Whether you’re male or female, a traditional or modern dresser, an office worker or a fashion designer, they’re a must – especially during the cooler months. Scarves suit just about everyone, they’re affordable and come in a multitude of styles. Here’s how you can wear them…


A scarf may be a simple rectangle of fabric, yet most men are baffled as to how to properly wear one. A scarf doesn’t have to be difficult to wear.

Worn for function or flair, a scarf is a great thing, so try wearing one:


LookSmart - Outfit With A Scarf (9)


Anything looks good when you have the confidence to pull it off. A messy wrapping style will make it look cool and sitting high up on the face, you’re bound to have the warmest neck around.


LookSmart - Outfit With A Scarf (6)


The opposite side of the scale can look good too, with a small scarf giving you a touch of warmth and a whole heap of swagger. Pick a scarf with a bold colour or design or one that ties in with your other accessories. You’ll never get knocked for paying attention to detail.



Inject a bit of colour into your look and make your scarf the main attraction. The trick to this is to keep the rest of your outfit simple – a grey suit with a white pocket square for example or dark tones paired with a splash of colour.


LookSmart - Outfit With A Scarf (2)


Draping a scarf over the neck and front of your chest is a loose way of wearing a scarf – a good option if the weather is just slightly nippy but not actually cold. It won’t provide you with much warmth, but it will give you great ornamentation traction. This look works particularly well with a suit, sports jacket, or deep V-shaped front.


Here’s some ideas to get you started on how to wear a scarf many ways.


LookSmart - Outfit With A Scarf (8)


Fold a long scarf in half lengthways. Take each diagonal end and knot them together. Put it over your neck, twist it, and then loop again. This will give you a necklace effect that not only looks super stylish, but will keep your neck super warm on an Autumn or Winter day.


LookSmart - Outfit With A Scarf (4)


If you can’t decide which side of the scarf you want to wear, wear both! Turn the fabric so you can see both sides and you’ve got yourself a unique and individual look.


LookSmart - Outfit With A Scarf (3)


blanket scarf is an oversized scarf that’s generally in the shape of a square. Looping one is the most traditional way of wearing a blanket scarf and it’s safe to say this way you’ll stay toasty and warm. Fold it in half lengthways and gather it together. Place it around your neck leaving one side longer than the other. Take the long side and wrap it around your neck to the front and slip it through the loop. Adjust to your liking.


LookSmart - Outfit With A Scarf (5)


And what about once winter is over? Is there still room in wardrobe for a scarf? Of course! Don’t put your scarves away, wear them in your hair instead. The hair scarf is the new scrunchie, so keep your scarves at hand and reuse for Spring Carnival.

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